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Posted by: Sue Rosli

last saturday.....aku ng encik hasben g wat 3d 4d scan kat clinic somewhere in Sunway... not bad la die nye serv... murah pun murah... tu pun sbb aku wat appt ng sonografer tu dlm fesbuk..lau walk in die cas rm150.. hehehe...lau wat appt just bayar rm90 je... sonok gile aku tgk baby aku ni.... kiutt sangat... n trus dah dpt komfom jantina die... he's a boy!!! hoyeeyyy!!! geng ng daddy die arr nanti tgk bolaa... aku jugak frust tak dpt tgk drama... huhuhuhu..takpe laa...anakk!!

ni nak share sket pic2 yg dpt snap mase wat scan aritu.. hehehhe.... love it so much..!! tenkiu miss sonografeerrrrrr!! hahahah

i love my baby!! n oso my hasben.... muahhh!!

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